EBM-350H Semi-Automatic Board Drill Machine

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Product Description

Streamlining Gift Box Manufacturing with Semi-Automatic Board Drill Machines

The production of high-quality gift boxes often involves intricate detailing and precision manufacturing processes. One key aspect of creating exceptional gift boxes is the preparation and customization of the box boards themselves. Enter the semi-automatic board drill machine—a transformative tool designed to enhance the precision and efficiency of drilling operations in gift box production. This article explores the benefits, functionalities, and industry applications of semi-automatic board drill machines, demonstrating their critical role in modern packaging operations.

Introduction to Semi-Automatic Board Drill Machines

Semi-automatic board drill machines are specialized pieces of equipment used to create precise holes in the boards that make up gift boxes. These machines combine the precision of automated machinery with the control afforded by manual operation, allowing operators to efficiently produce customized box components. The semi-automatic nature ensures high accuracy while allowing for adjustments based on specific design requirements.

Enhancing Production Efficiency

Semi-automatic board drill machines significantly speed up the drilling process compared to fully manual methods. By automating the drilling action while allowing for manual placement and adjustments, these machines minimize human error and increase production speeds. This efficiency is particularly beneficial for manufacturers dealing with high volumes of orders or those requiring rapid turnaround times.

Precision and Customization

Precision is paramount in luxury gift box manufacturing. Semi-automatic board drill machines offer controlled and consistent drilling, ensuring that each hole is exactly where it needs to be, at the correct angle, and of the right diameter. This precision is crucial for the subsequent steps in the assembly process, such as fitting hardware components like hinges, clasps, or decorative elements that may need to be integrated into the box design.

Versatility in Application

These machines are versatile tools capable of handling a variety of materials commonly used in gift box manufacturing, including cardboard, MDF, and other board materials. The ability to adjust drill bit sizes and depths allows manufacturers to use the same machine for different products and designs, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses that produce a diverse range of packaging products.

Applications in the Gift Box Industry

In the gift box industry, semi-automatic board drill machines are used for a variety of applications. They are particularly useful for creating luxury boxes that require precise component fitting, such as those with embedded magnetic closures or intricate latch systems. The precision drilling ensures that all components fit seamlessly, enhancing the overall aesthetics and functionality of the final product.

Environmental and Safety Benefits

In addition to production benefits, semi-automatic board drill machines also contribute to safer and more environmentally friendly manufacturing environments. By reducing the amount of manual handling and cutting required, these machines help decrease the risk of workplace injuries. They also minimize material waste by ensuring each piece is cut accurately, helping manufacturers reduce their environmental impact.


Semi-automatic board drill machines are indispensable tools in the gift box manufacturing industry, offering a blend of efficiency, precision, and versatility. These machines support the high standards required in luxury packaging and enable manufacturers to produce complex and high-quality products at competitive speeds. As the demand for unique and high-end packaging continues to grow, the role of advanced manufacturing technologies like semi-automatic board drill machines will become increasingly important, driving innovation and excellence in the packaging industry.

Machine Parameters

Product Name

EBM-350H Semi-Automatic Board Drill Machine



Cardboard Max Size


Positioning Accuracy

±1-2 mm

Product Speed

0-30 pcs/min

Card Board Thickness

1-5 mm

Left and Right Holes Spacng

Min 70mm/Max 500mm

Up and Down Holes Spacng

Min 0 mm / Max 130 mm


0.6mm-0.8 Mpa

Supply Voltage


Rated Frequenncy

50-60 HZ


3 Kw

Machine Dimension