EBM-300H Semi-Automatic Magnet Sticking Machine

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Product Description

Revolutionizing Gift Box Assembly with EBM-300H Semi-Automatic Magnet Sticking Machines

In the realm of high-end packaging, magnetic closures have become synonymous with elegance and quality. The introduction of semi-automatic magnet sticking machines is significantly enhancing the efficiency and precision of incorporating these sophisticated features into gift boxes. This article explores the benefits and functionalities of semi-automatic magnet sticking machines, illustrating their critical role in the modern packaging industry, particularly in the luxury segment.

Advanced Functionalities of Semi-Automatic Magnet Sticking Machines

Semi-automatic magnet sticking machines are designed to streamline the process of applying magnets to gift boxes. These machines automate critical aspects of the magnet application process, including the precise placement and sticking of magnets, while still allowing for operator oversight and control. This blend of automation and manual control ensures high accuracy and consistency, which are paramount in luxury packaging.

Enhancing Production Efficiency

By integrating semi-automatic technologies, these machines significantly reduce the time and labor traditionally required to manually insert magnets. They offer a faster production rate, enabling manufacturers to meet larger orders more efficiently. This increase in productivity is crucial for businesses that face high demand, particularly during peak seasons such as holidays or special events when luxury packaging is in higher demand.

Consistency and Quality Assurance

One of the primary advantages of using semi-automatic magnet sticking machines is the consistent quality they deliver. Each magnet is applied with uniform pressure and precise alignment, ensuring that the final product meets strict quality standards. This consistency is essential for luxury brands, where even minor defects can compromise the brand’s image and customer satisfaction. By minimizing human error, these machines help maintain the integrity and aesthetics of the packaging.

Versatility in Packaging Design

Semi-automatic magnet sticking machines are adaptable to various box sizes and styles, making them an invaluable tool for companies that offer a range of packaging options. Whether creating small jewelry boxes or larger gift boxes for electronics, these machines can be adjusted to handle different dimensions and specifications. Moreover, they can accommodate various types of magnets and adhesive materials, further enhancing their utility in custom packaging solutions.

Applications in Luxury and Boutique Packaging

The primary application for semi-automatic magnet sticking machines is in the luxury and boutique market, where packaging often serves as a direct extension of the product and brand identity. These machines are particularly valuable for assembling gift boxes for high-end cosmetics, designer apparel, gourmet products, and fine jewelry. The addition of magnets via these machines not only improves the functionality of the boxes, providing a secure closure, but also elevates the unboxing experience, which can be a key differentiator in the consumer decision-making process.


Semi-automatic magnet sticking machines are transforming the production of luxury gift boxes by combining efficiency, precision, and versatility. As the demand for sophisticated and high-quality packaging continues to grow, these machines are becoming indispensable tools for manufacturers looking to innovate and excel in the competitive luxury market. The adoption of such advanced technologies not only enhances operational capabilities but also supports brands in delivering a superior product presentation that aligns with consumer expectations for premium goods.

Machine Parameters

Product Name

EBM-300H Semi-Automatic Magnet Sticking Machine



Cardboard Max Size


Cardboard Min Size


Positioning Accuracy

±1 mm

Magnet Diameter


Product Speed

25-35 pcs/min

Card Board Thickness


Holes Pacng

Min 45mm/Max 375mm

Paste Distance

Min 1 mm / Max 150 mm


0.6mm-0.8 Mpa

Supply Voltage


Rated Frequenncy

50-60 HZ


1 Kw

Machine Dimension