EBM-250H Semi-Automatic İron Sheet Sticking Machine

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Product Description

Enhancing Gift Box Production with EBM-250H Semi-Automatic Iron Sheet Sticking Machines

In the competitive world of luxury packaging, the quality and uniqueness of a gift box can significantly impact a brand’s image and consumer appeal. Semi-automatic iron sheet sticking machines are revolutionizing the production of high-end gift boxes by providing a sophisticated method for adding metallic elements to packaging. This article delves into the benefits, functionalities, and industry applications of these innovative machines, highlighting their critical role in creating distinctive and premium packaging solutions.

Key Features and Functionalities

Semi-automatic iron sheet sticking machines are designed to efficiently apply iron sheets onto gift boxes, enhancing both their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. These machines partially automate the application process, requiring minimal manual intervention while allowing for precision and control. Key features typically include adjustable settings for sheet size and adhesive type, ensuring that each application is tailored to the specific requirements of the packaging design.

Operational Efficiency

The semi-automatic nature of these machines strikes an optimal balance between automation and operator control, enabling faster production rates than manual methods while ensuring high-quality outcomes. By automating the more repetitive and labor-intensive aspects of iron sheet application, such as sheet feeding and initial placement, manufacturers can significantly reduce labor costs and production time. This efficiency is particularly valuable during peak production cycles or when handling large orders.

Enhanced Product Quality

Using a semi-automatic iron sheet sticking machine ensures a consistent and precise application of metal sheets, crucial for maintaining the luxury feel and quality of premium gift boxes. The controlled application process minimizes errors and defects, such as misalignments or air bubbles, which can detract from the box’s appearance and feel. Additionally, the use of precise adhesive application ensures that the iron sheets are securely bonded, enhancing the durability and perceived value of the final product.

Versatility in Design and Material

These machines are adaptable to various iron sheet dimensions and thicknesses, accommodating a wide range of design specifications and packaging needs. Whether the goal is to create subtle metallic accents or fully covered iron panels, the semi-automatic iron sheet sticking machine can be adjusted to meet diverse aesthetic goals. Furthermore, their capability to work with different types of adhesives makes them suitable for various paper and cardboard materials commonly used in gift box manufacturing.

Applications in Luxury Packaging

The primary application of semi-automatic iron sheet sticking machines is in the luxury packaging sector, where the demand for distinctive and high-quality packaging is continuously growing. These machines are used to produce gift boxes for high-end products such as designer goods, jewelry, premium spirits, and boutique cosmetics. The addition of iron sheets not only reinforces the packaging but also adds a tactile and visual quality that enhances the unboxing experience, a crucial aspect of luxury branding.


Semi-automatic iron sheet sticking machines represent a significant advancement in the field of luxury gift box production. By combining efficiency with precision, these machines enable manufacturers to elevate their products above the competition, offering beautifully crafted packages that capture the essence of the brand and delight consumers. As the market for luxury goods continues to expand, the role of innovative packaging solutions like semi-automatic iron sheet sticking machines will become increasingly vital, shaping the future of premium packaging.

Machine Parameters

Product Name

EBM-250H Semi-Automatic İron Sheet Sticking Machine



Cardboard Max Size


Cardboard Min Size


Positioning Accuracy

±1 mm

Magnet Diameter


Product Speed


Card Board Thickness


Holes Pacng

Min 45mm/Max 375mm

Paste Distance

Min 1 mm / Max 150 mm


0.6mm-0.8 Mpa

Supply Voltage


Rated Frequenncy

50-60 HZ


1 Kw

Machine Dimension