EBM 720C-1000C Yarı Otomatik Soğuk Tutkal Makinası

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Product Description

EBM 720C-1000C Yarı Otomatik Soğuk Tutkal Makinası

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving industrial landscape, optimizing adhesive application processes is a critical aspect for a wide range of manufacturing sectors. The spotlight in this realm shines brightly on the Paper Cold Glue Machine, a cornerstone technology that significantly enhances production efficiency and quality. This article aims to unpack the pivotal role of the Cold Glue Machine, with a special emphasis on the Semi-Automatic Paper Cold Glue Machine, and elucidate its transformative impact on industries such as packaging, printing, and bookbinding.

Introduction to Cold Glue Machine Technology

The essence of cold glue machine technology lies in its use of water-based adhesives applied at room temperature. This approach stands in contrast to hot melt adhesives, offering numerous benefits including reduced energy consumption, enhanced safety with a lower risk of burns, and broader compatibility with a diverse array of materials. The term “Cold Glue Machine” has become synonymous with efficiency, adaptability, and precision in adhesive application processes.

Spotlight on the Semi-Automatic Paper Cold Glue Machine

A standout in the adhesive application sector, the Semi-Automatic Paper Cold Glue Machine marries the accuracy of automated systems with the customizable flexibility required for diverse production needs. It is ingeniously designed to handle a variety of paper materials—ranging from lightweight paper to heavy-duty cardboard. This makes it an indispensable asset for sectors focusing on packaging, bookbinding, and sophisticated print finishing operations.

Key Features Highlighting Efficiency and Versatility

  1. Precision in Glue Application: This machine guarantees a consistent, evenly spread application of glue, ensuring high-quality finishes and adherence to production standards.
  2. Adaptability Across Materials: Its ability to efficiently glue different materials and complex shapes, including intricate designs and tight spaces, underscores its versatility.
  3. Enhanced Productivity: Specifically, as a “Box Glue Machine,” it excels in quickly applying adhesive to boxes and cartons, streamlining the packaging process and significantly improving throughput.

Environmental and Economic Impact

Integrating a Semi-Automatic Paper Cold Glue Machine into production lines not only boosts efficiency but also promotes environmental stewardship and economic viability. The shift towards water-based adhesives reduces the ecological footprint of manufacturing processes, supporting a more sustainable industry practice. Economically, the reduction in adhesive waste and decreased energy requirements present long-term savings, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses aiming to optimize their operational expenditures.


The advent of the Semi-Automatic Paper Cold Glue Machine marks a significant advancement in adhesive application technologies. Its combination of cold glue efficiency, semi-automated precision, and environmental benefits positions it as an essential tool for enhancing productivity and sustainability in manufacturing. For industries committed to improving their adhesive processes—be it in packaging, printing, or bookbinding—the cold glue machine emerges as a pivotal innovation, promising operational excellence and a competitive edge in the market.

Machine Parameters

Ürün adı

EBM 720C-1000C Yarı Otomatik Soğuk Tutkal Makinası


EBM 720C-1000C



Gluing Width ( Max )

700mm / 1000 mm

Gluing thickness (Max)

0-23m/min / 0-23m/min


White Glue


220V / 0.3KW


85KG / 150 kg

Dimension (L*W*H)

1060*370*850CM / 1380x420x900mm