EBM-520A-720A-820A-1000A 半自动热冷盒糊盒机




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Product Description

EBM-520A-720A-820A-1000A 半自动热冷盒糊盒机

In today’s industrial sector, the optimization of adhesive application systems plays a crucial role across various manufacturing processes. Central to these advancements is the innovative Paper Hot-Cold Glue Machine, which has revolutionized the way companies approach adhesive applications, particularly in the realms of packaging, printing, and bookbinding. This article delves into the significance of the Hot-Cold Glue Machine technology, focusing on the dynamic capabilities of the Semi-Automatic Paper Hot-Cold Glue Machine, and its profound impact on enhancing operational efficiency and product quality in several industries.

Hot-Cold Glue Machine Technology: A Paradigm Shift

Cold glue technology employs water-based adhesives at ambient temperatures, a method that starkly contrasts with traditional hot melt adhesive applications. This technology, often encapsulated by the term “Hot-Cold Glue Machine,” is celebrated for its operational efficiency, safety benefits, and its environmentally friendly approach to adhesive applications. The ability to use a wide variety of materials without the risk of burns and with lower energy consumption has made it a go-to solution for businesses looking to streamline their production processes.

The Semi-Automatic Paper Hot-Cold Glue Machine: Bridging Flexibility and Automation

The Semi-Automatic Paper Hot- Cold Glue Machine represents a leap in adhesive application technology, blending automated precision with the adaptability needed to meet diverse production demands. Its design is particularly suited for handling an array of paper products, from thin paper sheets to robust cardboards, making it invaluable for industries engaged in packaging, binding, and high-end printing tasks.

Distinguishing Features for Unmatched Performance

  1. Uniform Glue Distribution: Ensures a consistent glue application across products, contributing to a clean, professional finish.
  2. Material Versatility: Demonstrates exceptional capability in gluing a variety of shapes and materials, accommodating complex designs and hard-to-reach areas with ease.
  3. Operational Efficiency: As a standout “Box Glue Machine,” it excels in fast, precise adhesive applications for boxes and cartons, enhancing packaging efficiency and productivity.

Leveraging Environmental and Economic Benefits

Implementing the Semi-Automatic Paper Hot-Cold Glue Machine not only elevates production capabilities but also supports sustainable and cost-effective manufacturing practices. The shift towards water-based adhesives significantly reduces harmful emissions and waste, fostering a cleaner production environment. Economically, the machine’s high efficiency and reduction in material wastage translate to considerable cost savings, making it an attractive investment for businesses focused on optimizing production costs.

In Conclusion

The introduction of the Semi-Automatic Paper Hot-Cold Glue Machine is a testament to the innovation within adhesive application technologies. By merging the benefits of hot-cold glue systems with semi-automated precision, this machinery offers a powerful solution for businesses aiming to advance their production quality and efficiency. For companies in packaging, printing, or bookbinding looking to refine their adhesive processes, the hot- cold glue machine stands as a transformative tool, poised to deliver superior operational performance and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Machine Parameters


EBM-720A-820A Semi-Automatic Hot- Cold Box Gluing Machine


EBM-520A / 720A / 1020A


500mm / 700mm /1000mm


0.03-0.10mm / 0.03-0.10mm / 0.03-0.10mm

Feed Paper Speed

0-23m/min / 0-23m/min / 0-23m/min




White Glue / Hot Melt Glue




850*530*400mm / 1050*530*400mm / 1330*450*500mm