EBM 1400C-1700C-1900C 伺服驱动高速板材切割机


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Product Description


Upper knife roll has the British cutter method to reduce the load and
noise when the cutter extend cutter life.
To steel welding gave precision machining,
and dynamic balance adjustment, effectively reduce the vibration and
noise of the high-speed operation.

Rotary cutting knife is made of special alloy steel precision machining,
with long service life and easy adjustment of the blade.
Safety cover will automatically shut down when the
safety cover is opened, ensuring safety.

Dual position shaftless pivoting arm unwind stand

1)Max Reel Diameter: 1800mm
2)Max Reel width: 1100mm/1400mm/1700mm/1900mm
3)Min Reel width: 300mm
4)Core size : 3″6″12″ ( optional Mechanical chuck)
5)Hydraulic driving : 3.5kw
6)Clip arm move forward or back driven by hydraulic
7)Clip arm up or down driven by hydraulic
8)Pneumatic brake system
9)Roll with related bracket

Slitting knife

Three sets of slitting knife unit to have a high speed,
smooth and powerless trimming and slitting,
with quick adjustment and locking.
High rigidity knife holder is suitable for 300m/min high speed slitting.

 Motorized double decurler system

Effectively remove the curl of the roll to make the paper more flat,
more conducive the paper roll tension stability,
which enable this machine practically to run thick board till 200-500gsm.

Delivery and Auto Jogger System

Automatically goes down when paper piling up to a certain height.
(Chain type, automatic up and down, more stable operation and service life)

Conveyor system with mult-stage:
from high speed to low speed.
First to separate the cut paper quickly,
and then overlap the paper, collect and pile the paper.

 Electronic control

INOVANCE Servo, INOVANCE PLC, Schneider, Eaton.

Delivery and Auto Jogger System

The stacker table has three sides shake finishing function,
the side of the motor to drive the paper, the paper,
on both sides by high-quality motor jogger to adjust the
amplitude of the paper manually to improve the
simplicity and safety of the operation.

 Transport department

The fast/slow speed belt is controlled by the stepless frequency converter,
which automatically tracks the knife speed and adjusts the belt speed,
so that the paper can be perfectly overlapped.

Auto counting and Automatic marking

Type: Insert after counting precisely
Function:After inputting number of paper pieces in HMI,
then it can work according to requirements.

Auto -EPC (Edge Paper Control)

Precision sensing nozzle which easily available and sensitive .
Fast detects various web lines for EPC system.

Auto-tension control

Put the paper roll diameter and paper weight number into touching screen,
the tension will be controlled by computer Automatically.

Driving Motor system

1, AC Servo motor & encoder for cross knife
2, AC motor & frequency transformer for conveyor
3, AC motor for up & down paper piling stand
4, AC motor for joggers
5, AC motor for unwind stand
6, AC motor for collecting waste edge

Option Configuration
1. Blade -Tungsten Steel
2. Cast Iron Main
3. Imports Of Electrical Appliances
4. Pneumatic slitting knife
5. Dust removal
6. Color code tracking system



Sheeter Layout

2 reels unwinder   (1 set EPC)

4 reels unwinder (3 sets EPC)

6 reels unwinder   (5sets EPC)


Machine Parameters

Modle of cutting paper

The up knife cut reciprocally and the down knife is fixed

Reference weight of cutting pa


Max.roll diameter


Max. paper cutting width


Total power


Cutting length range


Cutting accuracy


The request for air compressor

Max.5.5kg/cm2x5m3/min) (23kw)





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