EBM-1000Z-1010Z-1020Z Yarı Otomatik Flüt Laminasyon Makinası

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Product Description

Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating Machine: A Versatile Solution for the Packaging Industry

In the dynamic field of packaging and printing, the Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating Machine offers a flexible and efficient solution for combining corrugated sheets with printed paper. This machinery bridges the gap between fully manual operations and fully automated systems, providing a cost-effective approach to laminating that enhances both productivity and product quality.

What is a Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating Machine?

A Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating Machine is designed to laminate printed paper sheets onto corrugated cardboard, a process essential for creating durable and visually appealing packaging. Unlike its fully automatic counterparts, the semi-automatic machine requires manual feeding of the printed sheets, while the corrugated sheets are fed automatically. This setup offers a balance between automation and control, allowing for flexibility in production without compromising on precision and efficiency.

Temel Özellikler ve Faydalar

  • Controlled Automation: Combines automatic corrugated sheet feeding with manual placement of printed sheets, providing a blend of precision and flexibility.
  • Maliyet etkinliği: Offers a more affordable solution for businesses transitioning from manual to automated processes, without significant sacrifices in speed or quality.
  • Uyarlanabilirlik: Handles a wide range of materials and sizes, making it suitable for various packaging applications.
  • Geliştirilmiş Verimlilik: Streamlines the laminating process, reducing labor costs and increasing output compared to fully manual laminating methods.
  • Kalite güvencesi: Ensures high-quality lamination, crucial for producing packaging that stands out on retail shelves and protects the contents effectively.

Ambalaj Endüstrisindeki Uygulamalar

The Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating Machine is ideal for small to medium-sized packaging operations that require versatility and quality without the full investment in fully automated machinery. It’s particularly useful for custom orders, short runs, and companies looking to enhance their production capabilities with minimal disruption.


The Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating Machine represents a practical solution for the packaging and printing industries, offering an optimal balance of automation, cost, and quality. As businesses strive to meet the evolving demands of the market, this machinery provides a stepping stone towards greater efficiency and product excellence. With its adaptability and cost-effectiveness, the Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating Machine is poised to become a valuable asset for packaging manufacturers aiming to elevate their production processes and product quality.

Machine Parameters

Ürün Bilgisi

This machine use bottom sheet automatic sent by suction device, and top sheet feeding manually. The top paper can pile up the height of 1.5m once time, it makes makes delivery more easier and efficientSingle feeding, bottom sheet feeding automatic, unilateral regulation, water roller cleaningTop Sheet 1.5m height pile, easy stack and feeding.
The top paper can pile up the height of 1.5m once time , it makes delivery more easier and efficient..Using suction feeding automatic of bottom sheet, according to the main machine operating speed, continuous automatic tracking. Entire new concept, front gauge registration, position high accuracy, bottom sheet never exceedes the top sheet. Machine uses touch-screen/PLC control system, the circuit system is stable,and can automatically display the failure alarm. The automatic replenishment system of glue can be added automatically during glue losses,and recycling with the glue to avoid loss of waste.The scientific design of the metering roller speed to ensure the glue vently on the same time , to avoid rejection of glue at high speed. Single side adjustment of the pressure roller, and equipped with a ressure gauge, with the record of the data , easy adjust ment when hange the size of bottom paper. Independent water tank control cycle, ensure the bottom paper back dry and clean, and cleaning glue rollers, glue collecting tank, back glue tank t the same time. Suitable for color top sheet 175-500g and A/B/C/D/E/F corrugated paper laminating; Color top sheet 175-500g and grey cardboard paper laminating.

Ürün adı

EBM-1000Z-1010Z-1020Z Yarı Otomatik Flüt Laminasyon Makinası



Maksimum Sayfa Boyutu

1300×1250mm / 1450×1250mm / 1650×1250mm

Min Sayfa Boyutu

350×350mm / 350×350mm / 350×350mm

Toplam güç

8.5kw / 9.5kw / 11kw


0~90M/Min / 0~90M/Min / 0~90m/Min

Makina ağırlığı

4500kg / 5000kg / 5500kg

Makine Ölçüleri

10×1.97×2.3M / 10×2.02×2.3M / 10×2.25×2.3M


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