EBM 900N Машина для ламинирования гофрокартона

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Product Description

EBM 900N Corrugation to Corrugation Laminating Machine: Enhancing Packaging Strength and Durability

In the ever-evolving packaging industry, the Corrugation to Corrugation Laminating Machine emerges as a pivotal innovation, designed to significantly enhance the structural integrity and durability of corrugated cardboard. This specialized industrial equipment plays a crucial role in producing more robust and resilient packaging materials by laminating multiple layers of corrugated sheets together. Let’s delve into the functionality, benefits, and applications of this machine in modern packaging solutions.

What is a Corrugation to Corrugation Laminating Machine?

A Corrugation to Corrugation Laminating Machine is an advanced piece of machinery utilized in the packaging sector to bond two or more corrugated cardboard sheets together. The primary objective is to create a composite sheet that boasts increased thickness, strength, and carrying capacity. This process involves applying adhesive to one or more sheets, precisely aligning them, and then pressing them together to ensure a secure and uniform bond.

Ключевые особенности и преимущества

  • Enhanced Strength and Durability: By laminating corrugated sheets together, the machine produces packaging that can withstand greater stresses and strains, making it ideal for transporting and protecting heavier items.
  • Automatic Feeding Systems: These machines typically include automated feeding mechanisms that ensure consistent and efficient production, minimizing manual labor and optimizing throughput.
  • Precision Bonding: With advanced alignment and pressing technologies, the machine guarantees that the adhesive is evenly distributed, ensuring a high-quality bond between the corrugated layers.
  • Универсальность: Capable of handling various sizes and types of corrugated cardboard, the machine offers flexibility in producing a wide range of packaging solutions tailored to specific needs.

Applications in the Packaging Industry

The Corrugation to Corrugation Laminating Machine finds its application in a multitude of packaging scenarios, particularly where enhanced durability and strength are paramount. From heavy-duty shipping boxes to protective packaging for delicate items, this machine enables manufacturers to create customized solutions that meet the rigorous demands of transportation and storage.


The introduction of the Corrugation to Corrugation Laminating Machine into the packaging industry marks a significant leap forward in the quest for more durable and reliable packaging solutions. Its ability to produce thicker, stronger corrugated cardboard opens up new possibilities for packaging design and functionality, providing manufacturers with the tools they need to innovate and excel. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, the role of such advanced machinery in meeting the diverse needs of consumers and businesses alike will undoubtedly expand, driving forward the future of packaging technology.

Machine Parameters

Информация о товаре

EBM 900N Машина для ламинирования гофрокартона
For corrugated paper to corrugated paper


Youbond corrugation to corrugation laminating machine, a customized model special for the corrugation manufacture, which fills a vacancy of the laminating equipment in the world. Its low investment, small occupy and easy set-up is a good complement to the large corrugation production line. This machine is easy handling, when set up the sheet size, all machine parts will adjust automatically, which completely realizes the intelligent operation.


Max speed 10000sheet/hour
The most advanced electrical control system
Full accomplishment of intelligence and automation
Automatic adjustment when changing sheet size
Curve velocity assures the high accuracy
The newest technology of intermittent registration
Top and bottom sheet automatic tracing
Bottom sheet left and right whole course correction
Top sheet left and right whole course correction
Intelligent detection of sheet length
Intelligent error display and alarm system
Intelligent glue supplying and recycling system
Intelligent cleaning and water circulation system
Bottom sheet bend and pressurize device
Bottom sheet suction power adjustment device
US MAC component opens and closes suction
Stainless steel gluing cylinder
Anti glue swing device

Top And Bottom Paper Feeding

Use imported Servo motor electric controlling system, with Japan NITTAsuction belt to make suction power inverter, and belt cleaned by water roller; Patented technology to ensure corrugate and cardboard goes out smoothly and simple operation

Positioning Part

Servo control of the intermittent fixed position, in the process of positioning, positioning gau ge work as” start – speed up – tracking-speed reduction-stop ” curve speed run, make sure positioning more accurate.

Side Positioning

Left and right side synchronous block complete the accurate positioning, both top sheet and bottom paper are equipped with accurate positioning device on left and right.

Клеевой валик

Stainless steel roller, never rust, after narrowly grinding, guaranteed,the minimum amount glue coated evenly. Down roller be cleaned by water roller.

Передача инфекции

With imported double teeth belt drive and Switzerland rosta tension device ensure the drive accurate, stable and low noisy.

Электрическая система

Designed in the accordance with European CE requirement, ensure machine stability, high efficiency and low failure. Using man-machine interface and PLC combination, display all the information, such as warning, error detect, failures, and operating speed, etc on the screen at a glance.

наименование товара

EBM 900N Машина для ламинирования гофрокартона


EBM 900N

Максимальный размер листа


Минимальный размер листа


Максимальная скорость



±1,5 мм

Размер машины


Вес машины


Мощность машины


Top Paper

A/B/C/E/F Two layers corrugated paper

Нижняя бумага

A/B/C/E/F Two layers corrugated paper


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