EBM-2400J-2410J-2420J Automatic-Manual Laminating Machine

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Product Description

Enhancing Efficiency with the EBM-2400J-2410J-2420J Automatic-Manual Laminating Machine

In today’s competitive printing and packaging industry, the Automatic-Manual Laminating Machine stands out as an innovative solution that combines the speed of automation with the precision of manual control. This hybrid machine is tailored for businesses seeking to boost their lamination process’s efficiency and quality.

Introducing the Hybrid Lamination Solution

The Automatic-Manual Laminating Machine caters to a wide range of materials, including paper and cardboard, offering the unique advantage of automated processes alongside manual intervention capabilities. This versatility ensures that businesses can maintain high productivity levels while also addressing custom or delicate lamination tasks with manual precision.

Key Features for Optimal Performance

  • Hybrid Flexibility: The machine’s dual functionality supports both automated lamination and manual adjustments, providing flexibility for various lamination needs.
  • Efficient Production: Automation accelerates the lamination process, facilitating higher production volumes without compromising the finish quality.
  • Precision and Quality: Uniform application of laminating materials guarantees consistently high-quality results across all projects.
  • Cost Savings: By optimizing material usage and reducing the dependency on manual labor, the machine offers significant cost efficiency for businesses.
  • Diverse Applications: This machine is a valuable asset across multiple sectors, including but not limited to, printing, packaging, and advertising, meeting a broad spectrum of lamination requirements.

Revolutionizing the Lamination Industry

The Automatic-Manual Laminating Machine revolutionizes lamination processes by allowing operators to effortlessly switch between automated and manual modes, accommodating both mass production and specialized tasks. This adaptability is especially beneficial for projects that demand a balance between volume and customization, offering a tailored approach to lamination.


By bridging the gap between automation and manual control, the Automatic-Manual Laminating Machine redefines efficiency and quality in lamination processes. It’s an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to enhance their offerings with superior lamination quality, proving to be a game-changer in the printing and packaging industries.

Machine Parameters

Product Name

EBM-2400J-2410J-2420J Automatic-Manual Laminating Machine



Max Sheet Size

1300×1250mm / 1450×1250mm / 1650×1450mm

Min Sheet Size

400×400mm / 400×400mm / 400×400mm

Top Paper Thickness

150g-600g / 150g-600g / 150g-600g

Max Speed

6000 Sheets/Hour/ 6000 Sheets/Hour / 6000 Sheets/Hour

Fitting Precision

±1.5mm / ±1.5mm / ±1.5mm

Machine Dimensions

10×2×2.4M / 10×2.2×2.4M / 10×2.4×2.4M

Machine Weight

4500kg / 5000kg / 5500kg

Machine Power

10KW/380V / 11KW/380V / 12KW/380V

Bottom Paper Thickness

Bottom Paper Thickness A、B、C、E、F、AB、BB、BC、EE(Corrugated paper)(Industrial paperboard)


1, 2, 3, 5, 10


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