EBM 2100PX/2150PX/2200PX Automatic Flute Laminating Machine and Flip Flop Machine

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Product Description

Understanding the EBM 2100PX/2150PX/2200PX Automatic Flute Laminating Machine and Flip Flop Machine: Enhancing Packaging Efficiency

The Automatic Flute Laminating Machine is a pivotal innovation in the packaging industry, streamlining the process of combining corrugated cardboard (flute) with printed paper sheets. This machinery is essential for producing durable and visually appealing packaging materials that support structural integrity and carry brand imaging and product information effectively.

What is an Automatic Flute Laminating Machine?

An Automatic Flute Laminating Machine is a sophisticated device designed to precisely adhere a printed paper sheet onto a corrugated cardboard layer. This process is crucial for creating packaging that is not only strong but also carries essential branding and product details. These machines operate at high speeds and are geared towards continuous production, ensuring efficiency and consistency in packaging manufacturing.

Key Features:

  • High-Speed Operation: Designed for mass production, these machines significantly speed up the packaging production process.
  • Precision Laminating: Automated feeding and alignment systems ensure accurate placement of printed sheets on corrugated cardboard.
  • Versatility: Capable of handling various sizes and types of corrugated cardboard and printed sheets, allowing for a wide range of packaging designs.
  • Efficiency: Automates several processes such as adhesive application, sheet feeding, alignment, and pressing, reducing manual labor and production time.

Advantages in the Packaging Industry:

  • Enhanced Productivity: Streamlines production processes, ideal for high-volume manufacturing needs.
  • Consistent Quality: Maintains high standards of quality in packaging, with precise laminating ensuring professional finishes.
  • Flexibility: Meets diverse packaging requirements, supporting various sizes and designs for different products.
  • Brand Enhancement: Improves packaging appeal, making products more attractive on retail shelves and elevating brand perception among consumers.


The Automatic Flute Laminating Machine is a game-changer in the packaging industry, offering a blend of speed, precision, and flexibility. By automating the lamination of printed sheets onto corrugated cardboard, it not only enhances production efficiency but also ensures the production of high-quality packaging materials. This machinery is instrumental for businesses looking to scale up their packaging operations, providing a reliable solution for meeting the dynamic demands of the market. With the capacity to produce aesthetically pleasing and durable packaging, it plays a critical role in brand promotion and product protection.

Machine Parameters

Product Information

The latest achievements of laminating machine automation process, flip flop collect paper instead of artificial collect paper, automatic positive and negative stacked in one pile, liberating of your hands. Doing all by machines, you only checking.
High precision paper feeding mechanism
Bottom and top paper automatic tracking
Non-stop collection make continuous production
Positive and negative stack of paper, automatic trimming
Time Saving, Sophisticated laminating machine

Product Name

EBM 2100PX/2150PX/1650PX Automatic Flute Laminating Machine and Flip Flop Machine


EBM 2100PX/2150PX/1650PX

Max Sheet Size

1300*1250MM / 1450*1250MM / 1650*1450MM

Min Sheet Size

500*500MM / 500*500MM / 500*500MM

Top Sheet Shickness

150-600GSM / 150-600GSM / 175-700GSM

Bottom Sheet Thickness

A.B.C.E.F corrugated paper, industrial cardboard

Machine Speed

7500Sheets/Hour / 7500Sheets/Hour / 7500Sheets/Hour

Fitting Precision

±1mm / ±1mm / ±1mm

Machine Dimension

20×2.6x3M / 20×2.6x3M / 21×2.8x3M

Machine Weight

8000KG / 8500KG / 9000KG

Machine Power

16KW/380V / 17KW/380V / 18KW/380V


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