EBM 1900Y/2900Y Paper Labeling Flute Laminator Machine

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Product Description

Discover the Efficiency of EBM 1900Y/2900Y Paper Labeling Flute Laminator Machines in Packaging Industry

In the realm of the packaging industry, the Paper Labeling Flute Laminator Machine stands out as a cornerstone for manufacturers aiming to combine durability with visual appeal in their packaging solutions. This advanced piece of equipment is engineered to streamline the packaging process, specifically catering to the creation of corrugated cardboard packages by seamlessly laminating and labeling in one go. This guide delves into the functionality, benefits, and essential role of these machines in modern packaging operations.

What is a Paper Labeling Flute Laminator Machine?

A Paper Labeling Flute Laminator Machine is a sophisticated device designed to affix paper labels onto sheets of corrugated cardboard, also known as flute sheets. Through a meticulous process of applying adhesive, aligning the paper label with the corrugated sheet, and pressing them together, it produces a laminated product that is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally robust. This process is pivotal for packaging that needs to include branding, instructions, and legal information directly on the material.

Key Features and Advantages

  • High-Volume Capability: These machines are built to accommodate high-speed production, making them indispensable for manufacturers seeking efficiency in large-scale operations.
  • Precision and Quality: Equipped with advanced technology, they ensure precise alignment and secure bonding of the label to the flute, resulting in high-quality packaging that stands out on the retail shelf.
  • Automation: Modern flute laminator machines often feature automated systems for feeding, alignment, and adhesive application, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing manual labor costs.
  • Versatility: They can handle a wide range of corrugated cardboard thicknesses and label types, offering flexibility for different packaging requirements.
  • Waste Reduction: Precision in the lamination process significantly reduces material wastage, contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability.

The Role in the Packaging Industry

The Paper Labeling Flute Laminator Machine is instrumental in producing packaging that combines functionality with marketing appeal. In a competitive retail environment, the quality of packaging can influence consumer perception and brand recognition. These machines enable businesses to produce durable, branded packaging efficiently, ensuring products are well-protected while also carrying essential product information and appealing visuals.


As manufacturers continue to seek innovative solutions to optimize their packaging processes, the Paper Labeling Flute Laminator Machine represents a vital investment. Its ability to efficiently produce laminated and labeled corrugated cardboard packages addresses the dual needs of durability and branding in product packaging. By embracing these machines, businesses can achieve higher productivity, reduce waste, and elevate the aesthetic quality of their packaging, ultimately enhancing brand visibility and consumer engagement.

Machine Parameters

Product Name

EBM 1900Y Paper Labeling Flute Laminator Machine
EBM 2900Y Paper Labeling Flute Laminator Machine


EBM 1900Y / EBM 2900Y

Max Size Of Board

1400X1650mm(LXW) / 2800X1650mm(LXW)

Min Size Of Board

300X450mm(LXW) / 450X450mm(LXW)

Max Size Of Top Sheet

1400X1650mm(LXW) / 1650X1650mm(LXW)

Min Size Of Top Sheet

300X450mm(LXW) / 300X450mm(LXW)

Board Thickness

1-25mm / 1-25mm

Top Sheet Thickness

180-400g / 180-400g

Max Speed

3000 Sheets/H / 1500 Sheets/H


±1.5mm / ±1.5mm

Glue Application

White Glue, Starch Glue



Machine Power


Machine Weight


Important Remark



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