EBM 1327E/1427E High Speed Laminating Machine

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Product Description

The Ultimate Guide to EBM 1327E/1427E High Speed Laminating Machine

In today’s fast-paced production environments, efficiency and quality are paramount. Enter the high-speed laminating machine: a game-changer for industries ranging from printing and packaging to advertising. This comprehensive guide delves into the essence, benefits, and diverse applications of high-speed laminating machines, shining a light on how they are revolutionizing production processes.

What is a High-Speed Laminating Machine?

A high-speed laminating machine is a sophisticated piece of equipment designed to apply a protective film over various substrates, including paper, cardboard, and plastic. This process not only enhances the product’s durability and aesthetic appeal but also its resistance to environmental factors such as moisture and wear. With the capability to operate at significantly higher speeds than traditional laminating devices, these machines are indispensable in settings where time and quality are of the essence.

Key Benefits and Features

  1. Enhanced Productivity: The hallmark of high-speed laminating machines is their ability to dramatically increase production rates. They can process large volumes of material in a fraction of the time it takes manual or slower automated systems, meeting tight deadlines and high demand with ease.
  2. Superior Quality: These machines ensure a consistent, bubble-free application of laminating film, resulting in a professional finish that enhances product longevity and visual appeal.
  3. Versatility: Capable of handling a wide range of materials and film types, high-speed laminators offer the flexibility to cater to various product specifications and customer demands.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: By streamlining the lamination process and reducing labor costs, these machines offer a compelling return on investment. Their efficiency can significantly lower per-unit costs, making high-quality laminated products more economically viable.
  5. Ease of Use and Automation: Advanced technology integration means that high-speed laminating machines often come with user-friendly interfaces and automation features. These reduce the need for extensive operator training and minimize human error, further enhancing productivity and consistency.

Applications Across Industries

High-speed laminating machines find applications across a broad spectrum of industries. In the printing and packaging sectors, they are essential for producing durable and attractive product packaging, labels, and shopping bags. The advertising industry relies on them for creating eye-catching posters and banners. Additionally, they are used in manufacturing safety signage, educational materials, and even automotive components, showcasing their versatility and importance in various production processes.

Choosing the Right Machine

When selecting a high-speed laminating machine, consider factors such as the types of materials you’ll be working with, the desired laminating speed, film thickness compatibility, and the machine’s overall footprint. It’s also important to assess the machine’s ease of operation, maintenance requirements, and the manufacturer’s support services.


The high-speed laminating machine is a cornerstone of modern production lines, offering unmatched efficiency, quality, and flexibility. Its benefits extend across industries, making it a critical investment for businesses looking to enhance their product offerings and streamline their operations. As technology advances, we can expect these machines to become even more integral to manufacturing and production, driving innovation and excellence in laminated products.

Machine Parameters

Product Information

This machine adopts motion control system and servo correction system, using multiple sets of photoelectric sensors at the end of the paper the relative position. It is equipped with 3 servo motors, one controls the bottom sheet and the other two control the top sheet. And what makes it differ from the normal automatic type is that the convey bridge for the top sheet is lengthened to be 1.5m, where lies several pulling-balls (correction unit), thus the fitness is very accurate. Servo laminating machine has the advantages of simple operation, we only need to input the size of paper and the machine would adjust the feeder, the bottom feeding and the pressure system automatically, which realizes the intelligent operation.

Top Sheet Feeding Mechanism

equipped with high speed auto dedicated feeder, both paper lifting and feeding nozzle can freely adjust angle to the paper, to ensure that whether thick or thin paper can be delivered rapidly and smoothly

Bottom Paper Feeding

Use imported Servo motor electric controlling system, with Japan NITTA suction belt to make suction power inverter, and belt cleaned by water roller; Patented technology to ensure corrugate and cardboard goes out smoothly and simple operation

Positioning System

Using groups of photoelectric sensing bottom paper forward relative position, control top paper on both sides of the servo motor, independent compensation action, the top paper and bottom paper precision laminated

Transmission Part

Imported double toothed synchronous belt drive, equipped with a tensioning device to ensure the accuracy of the transmission, stable, low noise

Glue Roller

Stainless steel roller, never rust, after narrowly grinding, guaranteed the minimum amount glue coated evenly. Down roller be cleaned by water roller.

Electrical System

Designed in the accordance with European CE requirement, ensure machine stability, high efficiency and low failure. Using man-machine interface and PLC combination, display all the information, such as warning, error detect, failures, and operating speed, etc on the screen at a glance

Pre-Stack Section

pre-stack pile of paper under the condition of non-stop, improve efficiency. The special design of the pre stack paper frame, save time and effort.

Product Name

EBM 1327E High Speed Laminating Machine
EBM 1427E High Speed Laminating Machine


EBM 1327E / EBM 1427E

Max Sheet Size

1450×1450mm / 1650×1650mm

Min Sheet Size

400×400mm / 400×400mm

Top Sheet Thickness

120-500g / 120-500g

Precision For Front And Back

±1mm / ±1mm

Air Consumption

0.2m3/min / 0.2m3/min


15.5×2.4×2.4M / 15.7×2.6×2.4M

Machine Power

22KW / 25KW

Glue Application

White glue、Starch glue

Bottom Paper

A、B、C、E、F Corrugated paper
Four Layers Corrugated paper: AB/BB/BC/EE
Cardboard paper is above the 300GSM


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