EBM 1327ES/1427ES High Speed Laminating Machine and Flip Flop Machine

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Product Description

A EBM 1327/1427 High Speed Laminating Machine and Flip Flop Machine is a powerful tool designed for fast and efficient lamination, commonly used in industries where there’s a high demand for laminated products. Lamination involves applying a protective film over a substrate, such as paper, cardboard, or plastic, to enhance its durability, appearance, and resistance to environmental factors like water and wear.

High-speed laminators are essential in settings such as printing and packaging, where they’re used for a wide range of products, including ID cards, photographs, menus, labels, and packaging materials. These machines are engineered to process large volumes efficiently, offering features like automated feed mechanisms, precise control over heat and pressure, and the ability to produce high-quality laminated items at a much faster rate than traditional laminating processes.

Whether you’re in the business of producing professional-looking documents or durable packaging, a high-speed laminating machine can significantly improve your workflow, ensuring that you meet your production demands with ease.

High-Speed Laminating Machines contribute significantly to businesses by speeding up production processes, enhancing product quality, and improving operational efficiency. The key benefits of these machines for businesses include:

  1. Increased Production Speed and Capacity: High-speed laminating machines operate much faster than traditional lamination methods, significantly boosting production capacity. This allows businesses to process more products in a shorter amount of time, enabling them to meet even large orders promptly.
  2. Improved Quality and Durability: The lamination process adds a protective film layer to printed materials, increasing their resistance to water, wear, tear, and other environmental factors. High-speed laminating machines apply this protective layer consistently and with high quality, improving the appearance and durability of the final products.
  3. Cost Efficiency: High efficiency and speed help businesses reduce production costs. Lower labor requirements and faster production speeds mean lower cost per unit, leading to higher profit margins.
  4. Flexibility and Versatility: Modern high-speed laminating machines can work with various material types and thicknesses, allowing businesses to handle a wide range of products and special orders. This flexibility enables businesses to better meet customer needs and enter new markets.
  5. Automation and Ease of Use: These machines often feature user-friendly interfaces and automatic feeding mechanisms, simplifying operations and reducing labor requirements. Automation reduces the rate of errors while increasing consistency and quality.

The contributions of high-speed laminating machines to businesses are critical for creating competitive advantages, increasing customer satisfaction, and achieving sustainable growth.

Machine Parameters

Product Information

Automatic collecting, front and back placed stacking
Save time and effort, simple and easy to learn
Servo compensation positioning automatic tracking system
High speed Automatic laminating machine and flip flop machine. First the printed sheet and corrugated is laminated accurately and pressed through the conveyor, and then the laminated sheets be stacked based on the set amount in front and back side and slapped automatically and finally the stacked sheets come out automatically. The whole line achieves the high automation of the lamination.

Bottom Paper Feeding

Use imported Servo motor electric controlling system, with Japan NITTA suction belt to make suction power inverter, and belt cleaned by water roller; Patented technology to ensure corrugate and cardboard goes out smoothly and simple operation

Top Sheet Feeding Mechanism

equipped with high speed auto dedicated feeder, both paper lifting and feeding nozzle can freely adjust angle to the paper, to ensure that whether thick or thin paper can be delivered rapidly and smoothly

Electrical System

Designed in the accordance with European CE requirement, ensure machine stability, high efficiency and low failure. Using man-machine interface and PLC combination, display all the information, such as warning, error detect, failures, and operating speed, etc on the screen at a glance

Glue Roller

Stainless steel roller, never rust, after narrowly grinding, guaranteed the minimum amount glue coated evenly. Down roller be cleaned by water roller.

Transmission Part

Imported double toothed synchronous belt drive, equipped with a tensioning device to ensure the accuracy of the transmission, stable, low noise

Positioning System

Using groups of photoelectric sensing bottom paper forward relative position, control top paper on both sides of the servo motor, independent compensation action, the top paper and bottom paper precision laminated

Pre-Stack Section

pre-stack pile of paper under the condition of non-stop, improve efficiency. The special design of the pre stack paper frame, save time and effort.

Product Name

EBM 1327ES High Speed Laminating Machine and Flip Flop Machine
EBM 1427ES High Speed Laminating Machine and Flip Flop Machine


EBM-1327ES/EBM 1427ES

Max Sheet Size

1450×1450mm/ 1650×1450mm

Min Sheet Size

500*500mm/ 500*500mm

Top Sheet Thickness

150-500g / 150-500g

Bottom Sheet Thickness

A/C/C/E/F(Corrugated paper)、(four ply corrugated paper)

Fitting Precision


Air Consumption



22.5*3*3M / 22.5*3*3M

Machine Power

30KW / 32KW


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