EBM-1100S-1150S Auto Pile Turner And Stacking Machine

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Product Description

EBM-1100S-1150S Auto Pile Turner And Stacking Machine: Enhancing Efficiency in Printing and Packaging Industries

In the fast-paced world of printing and packaging, efficiency and quality are paramount. The Auto Pile Turner and Stacking Machine emerges as a vital technology, designed to automate the post-printing processes of turning, airing, and stacking paper, cardboard, or corrugated sheets. This innovative machinery plays a crucial role in accelerating ink drying, correcting stacks, and preparing materials for subsequent production stages, thereby boosting overall productivity.

Streamlining Post-Printing Processes

The Auto Pile Turner and Stacking Machine is engineered to mechanically lift and rotate stacks of paper, enabling effective airing and precise stacking. This process not only expedites ink drying but also enhances print quality by preventing ink smudges on paper sheets. By automating these tasks, the machine significantly reduces processing time and increases production efficiency.

Key Features of Auto Pile Turner and Stacking Machines

  • Mechanical Lifting and Rotating: Automates the turning and airing of paper stacks, facilitating quicker ink drying and more organized stacks.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Allows operators to easily adjust machine settings, accommodating different sizes and thicknesses of paper stacks.
  • Versatility: Capable of handling a wide range of materials, making it suitable for various printing and packaging applications.
  • Quality Enhancement: Improves print quality by ensuring even ink drying and reducing the risk of ink smudges.

Advantages in the Printing and Packaging Industries

The adoption of Auto Pile Turner and Stacking Machines in printing and packaging workflows optimizes operations while saving on labor costs. This machinery is instrumental in maintaining high-quality standards in final products, providing a seamless transition from printing to finishing processes. Its ability to process materials efficiently makes it an indispensable tool for businesses looking to enhance their production capabilities.


The introduction of Auto Pile Turner and Stacking Machines into the printing and packaging industries marks a significant step towards achieving higher operational efficiency and product quality. By automating critical post-printing tasks, these machines not only streamline production workflows but also contribute to the delivery of superior quality products. As the demand for efficient and high-quality printing and packaging solutions continues to grow, the Auto Pile Turner and Stacking Machine stands out as a key innovation, driving the future of the industry.

Machine Parameters

Product Information

Auto Pile Turner and Stacking Machine
Revolutionary New Technology In Laminating Industry
Auto Pile Turner and Stacking Machine is the special accessory products for sheet to sheet laminating machines and can be connected with any of manufacturer’s laminating machine. This integrative equipment can auto make the laminated papers to piles according to specified number. With collecting, piling, intermittent turning and stacking functions, realize
collected paper front and backside placed stacking, effectively prevent laminated paper curving and manpower-saving for labor collecting strength..
Auto Collecting
Front and Back Placed Stacking
Collecting Orderly
One Key Operation
Fault Detection
Easy Connecting
Space Saving
Simple and easy to learn
Save time and effort

Paper Separating System

Driving wheel and laminating press belt joint to transmit power. Laminated paper be stacked down to down pallet by driving wheel and synchronous belt, when reach the specified number, separating rod lift and separate the paper.

Down Push System

Driven by the cylinder two pawl forward movement, push the set up quantity paper into a turnover device

Turning System

Using the automatic clamping system to make paper front and back alternately placed, make sure the laminated paper smooth and stiff, convenient for subsequent production line.

Up Push System

Using The motor drives the chain to drive the upper push plate to move forward and backward pushing the lifting paper into collecting system and waiting to be piled

Piling System

Reciprocating motion of four splint patting the collected paper orderly, ensure the collecting neat

Collecting System

When the paper stacking to 1.7M in height, collecting platen automatic drop, hydraulic car will pull out the whole stack of paper, at the same time the vice paper collecting table automatic work, complete non-stop collecting finished

Electronic Unit

All parts adopt well-known brand, reasonable program design, working by one key to complete the operation, automatic fault detection.

Product Name

EBM-1100S-1150S Auto Pile Turner And Stacking Machine



Max Sheet Size

1450X1450 / 1650X1450

Min Sheet Size

500X500 / 500X500

Machine Dimension

6830X2760X2950 / 6830X3160X2950


3700KGS / 4000KGS


6KW / 6KW


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