Máquina laminadora de flauta semiautomática EBM-1500D-EBM-1510D-1520D-1530D

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EBM-1500D-EBM-1510D-1520D-1530D Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating Machine: Enhancing Efficiency and Flexibility in Packaging

The Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating Machine is a versatile and efficient solution for the packaging industry, designed to laminate printed paper sheets to corrugated cardboard. Striking the perfect balance between manual and automated processes, this machine offers a cost-effective approach to producing durable and visually appealing packaging materials.

Key Features of the Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating Machine

  • Flexible Operation: Requires manual feeding of printed sheets while automatically handling the corrugated cardboard, allowing for precise control over the lamination process.
  • Producción eficiente: Streamlines the lamination process, enhancing productivity and reducing the need for extensive manual labor.
  • Adaptabilidad: Capable of processing a wide range of materials and sizes, making it suitable for various packaging needs.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensures high-quality lamination, crucial for creating packaging that stands out on retail shelves and provides effective protection for the contents.

Advantages in the Packaging Industry

The Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating Machine is ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises looking to improve their packaging production without the significant investment required for fully automated systems. It offers:

  • Productividad incrementada: Facilitates a more efficient production line, enabling businesses to meet their packaging demands promptly.
  • Rentabilidad: Reduces labor costs and minimizes waste, providing a more affordable solution for high-quality packaging production.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Allows for quick adjustments to accommodate different packaging designs and requirements, offering greater flexibility in production planning.

Applications and Industries

This machine is particularly valuable in industries where packaging customization and quality are paramount. From food and beverage to electronics and consumer goods, the Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating Machine supports a wide range of packaging applications, ensuring products are attractively presented and well-protected.


The Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating Machine represents an essential advancement in packaging technology, offering businesses a practical solution for enhancing their packaging efficiency and quality. With its combination of manual and automatic operations, it provides the flexibility and control needed to produce superior packaging materials, making it a valuable asset for companies aiming to optimize their production processes and elevate their product presentation.

Información adicional

Información del Producto

This machine use bottom sheet automatic sent by suction device, and top sheet feeding manually. This humanized design makes paper feeding easier and more efficient. it is suitable for color top sheet and corrugated paper laminating, color top sheet and grey cardboard laminating.Automatic paper lifter (To Choose). Single feeding, bottom sheet feeding automatic, unilateral regulation, water roller cleaning.
High feeding table, easy paper adding.
Using suction feeding automatic of bottom sheet, according to the main machine operating speed, continuous automatic tracking.. The humanized design that manually feeds from the front makes delivery more easier and efficient. Entire new concept, front gauge registration, position high accuracy, bottom sheet never exceedes the top sheet. Machine uses touch-screen/PLC control system, the circuit system is stable,and can automatically display the failure alarm. The automatic replenishment system of glue can be added automatically during glue losses,and recycling with the glue to avoid loss of waste. The scientific design of the metering roller speed to ensure the glue evently on the same time , to avoid rejection of glue at high speed. Single side adjustment of the pressure roller, and equipped with a pressure gauge, with the record of the data , easy adjust ment when change the size of bottom paper. Independent water tank control cycle, ensure the bottom paper back dry and clean, and cleaning glue rollers, glue collecting tank, back glue tank at the same time. Suitable for color top sheet 175-500g and A/B/C/D/E/F corrugated paper laminating; Color top sheet 175-500g and grey cardboard paper laminating.

nombre del producto

Máquina laminadora de flauta semiautomática EBM-1500D-EBM-1510D-1520D-1530D

Tamaño máximo de hoja

1100×1100mm / 1300×1250mm/ 1450×1250mm / 1650×1250mm

Tamaño mínimo de hoja

350×350mm/ 350×350mm/ 350×350mm/ 350×350mm

Poder total



0~90M/Min / 0~90m/Min / 0~90M/Min / 0~90M/Min

Peso de la máquina


Dimensiones de la máquina

8×1.77×1.75M/ 8×1.97×1.75M / 10×2.02×1.75M /10×2.25×1.75M


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