EBM 2100P/2150P/2200P Automatic Flute Laminating Machine

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EBM 2100P/2150P/2200P Automatic Flute Laminating Machine: Revolutionizing the Packaging Industry

The Automatic Flute Laminating Machine is a breakthrough in the packaging sector, designed to automate the process of adhering printed paper sheets to corrugated cardboard layers. This state-of-the-art machinery enhances both the durability and aesthetic appeal of packaging materials, making it an indispensable tool for modern manufacturing lines.

Essential for Branding and Protection

An Automatic Flute Laminating Machine plays a critical role in creating visually appealing packaging that carries brand information and product details. By precisely laminating printed sheets onto corrugated cardboard, it ensures packages are not only strong but also carry essential branding and product details in an attractive format.

Features of Automatic Flute Laminating Machines

  • Automated Feeding System: Ensures continuous production by automatically feeding paper and cardboard sheets into the machine.
  • Precision Laminating and Aligning: Applies adhesive evenly and aligns printed paper with corrugated cardboard perfectly, enhancing the quality of the finished product.
  • High Production Speeds: Ideal for large volume orders, these machines operate at high speeds to meet production demands efficiently.
  • Versatility with Materials: Capable of processing various thicknesses and sizes of paper and cardboard, offering flexibility in packaging design.

Advantages in High-Quality Packaging Production

Using an Automatic Flute Laminating Machine accelerates production processes, reduces labor costs, and elevates brand visibility by creating eye-catching packaging. It’s particularly valuable for industries requiring high-quality packaging for electronic products, food items, consumer goods, and more, facilitating a significant improvement in packaging quality and production efficiency.


The introduction of Automatic Flute Laminating Machines into the packaging industry signifies a leap towards more efficient, high-quality packaging production. These machines not only streamline manufacturing processes but also play a vital role in enhancing the presentation and durability of packaged products. As the demand for aesthetically pleasing and sturdy packaging continues to rise, the Automatic Flute Laminating Machine stands out as a key component in meeting market needs, driving innovation and excellence in packaging design.

Επιπλέον πληροφορίες

Πληροφορίες Προϊόντος

Fixed front gauge registration
Visual feast, Perfect design
This machine is used for color top sheets and corrugated paper laminating, top paper adopt scale continuous paper feeding, unique front gauge positioning way to insure the bottom paper never exceed. Easy operation and maintenance..

Advanced automatic tracking technology, according to the size of the paper automatically adjust the relevant parameters, so that the machine is always running in the best condition. Unique front gauge positioning system, accuracy and the bottom paper never exceed; top paper exceed adjustable. Equipped with high precision high speed automatic feeder, strengthening type paper feeding device, feeding smoothly. Using the principle of offset printing machine side gauge positioning, error correction for about top paper stack and feeding process; Bottom paper using suction automatic feeding, can adjust wind strength in the touch screen, and is equipped with a belt humidifying function; Standby stack table can pile paper under non-stop situation, along the rail into the elevator, high working efficiency.Imported electrical components, to ensure the stability of the circuit system. PLC tracking technology, automatic fault alarm; Fully automatic glue supplementary system, can automatically replenish the loss of the amount of glue, and cooperated with the glue recycling. Independent water tank control cycle, ensure the bottom paper back dry, at the same time cleaning up roller、glue receive tank and back glue tank; Single side adjustment of the roller pressure, and equipped with a dial gauge, the replacement of the bottom paper onestep- to- reach.

Μηχανισμός τροφοδοσίας επάνω φύλλου

High precision high speed automatic feeder, , feeding smoothly.
Strengthening type paper feeding device, nozzle angle is adjustable, suitable for different type of papers

Pressure Regulation Positioning

Single pressure regulation, to ensure that the two side pressure be same
With the display of dial gauge, it is easy to adjust when change the paper


Floating design of press, no need to adjust the pressure
Heightening design, smooth working for thick corrugated paperboard

Ηλεκτρικό σύστημα

Main electrical components are imported brands
PLC tracking technology, automatic fault detection

Pre-Stack Part

Standby stack table can pile paper under non-stop situation, along the rail into the elevator, high working efficiency.
Using the “working” font design, the platform can be used to push and easy back, labor saving.

Side Positioning (Option)

Side Gauge Positioning, error correction for about top paper stack and feeding process;
Similar with the principle of offset printing machine, positioning accuracy

Ονομασία προϊόντος

EBM 2100P/2150P/2200P Automatic Flute Laminating Machine


EBM 2100P/2150P/2200P

Μέγιστο μέγεθος φύλλου

1300×1250mm / 1450×1250mm / 1650×1450mm

Ελάχιστο μέγεθος φύλλου

400×400mm / 400×400mm / 400×400mm

Πάχος φύλλου κορυφής

150-600g / 150-600g / 150-600g

Πάχος κάτω φύλλου

A、B、C、E、F(Corrugated paper),(Industrial paperboard)

Μέγιστη ταχύτητα

6000Sheets/hour / 6000Sheets/hour / 6000Sheets/hour

Ακρίβεια τοποθέτησης

±1mm / ±1mm / ±1mm

Διαστάσεις μηχανήματος

11.5×2×2.4M / 11.5×2.2×2.4M / 11.5×2.4×2.4M

Βάρος μηχανής

5000kg / 5500kg / 6000kg

Ισχύς μηχανής

10KW/380V / 11KW/380V / 12KW/380V


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